Modalfa, brand of accessories and clothing of Sonae, gains a new positioning and a new name - MO.


Investing in an attitude of “making available to its customers products with style and great prices, always in line with the trends of fashion”, the brand believes that, with this action, it can offer a better value to its customers.


As part of this rebranding, the brand is in the process of remodelling the 100 plus stores throughout the country.


SIGN was the advisor for the choice of solutions for display at point of sale and it’s ensuring the production and assembly in the entire network of stores.

The chosen systems were the MATRIX FRAME with textile dye sublimation printing.


The MATRIX FRAME systems ensure a virtually unlimited reuse of the frame, allow the refitting of the images to be made by store employees and also permit a reduction of costs in logistics, when replacing the images.


Dye sublimation printing ensures more vivid and real colour, causing a strong visual impact.


Learn more about the MATRIX FRAME systems in


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