Following the tradition in being a pioneer in adopting new technologies, SIGN invests in the new generation of UV technology.


The new machine, which was an investment of around 100 thousand €, reduces the ecological footprint of this kind of print, with more efficient healing LED lights and ozone free toners with highly recyclable cases.


The toners that are used are 3M, with innovative characteristics in several fields.


- Elasticity up to 200% without cracking*, making it ideal to be used in vehicle's decoration and in places where a regular maintenance isn't possible, for example.


- Increased indoors/outdoors durability and great risk resistance


- Final quality with 3M** guarantee


- White ink, with the possibility of printing up to 3 different layers. This technology can be used to create different images in, for instance, the inside and outside of a storefront, with a single print.


Contact your Client Manager for more information.



* The ink's flexibility may vary depending on the used substrate.

**Check with your client manager the 3M Guarantee conditions.



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