TEDxOporto is an event that gathers people who share concepts, ideas, and lively experiences, thus motivating a human intervention in the city of Porto’s community. TEDxOporto is held annually since 2010, and it is undoubtedly an event of great relevance in Portugal; it’s always a full-house event since its inception, with national and international renowned speakers.


As Silver Partner, SIGN is directly associated with this major event, bringing both technology and know-how from its area of intervention.


Scheduled for the Centro de Congressos da Alfândega do Porto (Porto’s Customs’ Building Congress Centre) the TEDxOporto 6th edition’s talks will envisage focus points of our public and private spheres, economy and society, scientific and technological developments, environment, sustainability, design and entrepreneurship.

All participants will be asked to state their “Main Thing”; who knows if, after TEDxOporto, their choice will be different?



Registration can be submitted in www.tedxoporto.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tedxoporto

Twitter: www.twitter.com/TEDxOporto


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