SIGN is always attentive to the most advanced technologies in its area of operations and makes a big bet on this system as a high impact solution for their Clients' communication.


The Power LED's strong diffusing capacity, coupled with the high-resolution printing and vivid colours by sublimation, results in a shadowless surface without breakage of light and with an unparalleled realism.


Main Characteristics:

A single structure for front and back.

Low consumption Power LED usage directly mounted in the aluminium profile. (cont.)

There is no structure in the centre. The aluminium frame ensures all the structural rigidity and serves as a support for all the electrical part.

Ultra lightweight, easy to carry.

The structure is extremely easy to assemble, both textiles and electrical part - does not require a team to assemble or an electrician.

Extremely wear and reassembly resistant materials.

The applied textiles can be folded for transportation purposes.

The textile and aluminium materials are 100% recyclable.

The major advantages of this system, when compared to traditional offerings, are:


It eliminates the need for a central structure.

It does not use fluorescent bulbs.

Lighter, more durable and more easily transportable.

No need for two independent structures to make front and back.



SIGN uses MATRIX FRAME technology


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