Arrebita!Porto is a non-profit project that aims to repopulate and stimulate Porto´s city centre through the rehabilitation of derelict buildings at zero cost for general interest and social needs.


This Project was made with young teams of engineers and architects (portuguese and foreign), partner companies (that provides construction materials, promotion and know-how in several areas), state-controlled entities (that ensures logistics and, for instance, volunteers accommodation) and college teachers, ensuring the entire work´s supervision.


The project won “FAZ – Ideias de Origem Portuguesa “ contest promoted by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, being emphasised the “originality, innovation, social impact potential and sustainability” showed, hoping that it can help drive Porto´s urban rehabilitation forward, so that the model can be then applied to other major cities.

SIGN, that shares this Vision of heritage´s requalification and collaborative work, joined this project giving support in its own field.


“Arrebita is an example of the emerging creativity of civil society that in face of hundreds of derelict buildings makes so much sense in Porto”


Jorge Nogueira, SIGN´s CEO

SIGN´s first support was Arrebita!Porto’s stand at CONCRETA, a show at Exponor exhibition centre, Porto.


SIGN produced and installed a 60sqm stand using a MATRIX FRAME lightbox with 10x2.35m and a printed floorcovering solution (TarkPrint).


Besides SIGN, other companies and institutes are involved with the project, such as Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Amorim Isolamentos, CIN, Sanitana Hotel Intercontinental, Lusitanta Seguros, among others.


“Our mission’s success is the result of a successful effort with several society agents. Among them, Companies that want to be part of the solution of a serious social problem that shock and embarrass us as a community.”


José Paixão, General Coordinator, Arrebita! Porto




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