Centenary of the Republic Exhibition

Inserted in the festivities of the Centennial of the Republic, the exhibition "Resistência: da alternativa republicana à luta contra a ditadura (1891-1974)" was patent in the Portuguese Photography Centre (CPF).


"The Republic that was installed a hundred years ago is at the origin of the democracy on which we live in. The construction of this democracy had an essential contribution from the struggle of the republicans against the Monarchy and, after 1910, defending the Republic.


In 1926, it fell on the hands of the military authoritarian. It was implanted in Portugal a long dictatorship, for 48 years. During this almost half a century, there have always been those who resisted: those who fought against oppression, and those who had bravely faced the repression of rights and the denial of freedom: republicans, anarchists, communists, socialists, progressive catholics, democrats of all colours, including some monarchists. Some have organized armed uprisings, others were resisting in the day-to-day."

This was the motto for this exhibition with a focus on the photographies of faces, gestures and moments of the life of these Portuguese people whose resistance and struggle are responsible for the freedom that exists today in Portugal.


SIGN produced and assembled the exhibition.

MATRIX FRAME light boxes were used, Descor decoration systems, low relief MDF panels, exhibitors in MDF and PVC panels with direct printing.


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